How to Add Years to Your Dog's Life

The Complete Canine Nutrition Dog Health Program with Dr. Jean Dodds & Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS

How You can Prevent Chronic Diseases and Add Years to Your Dog's Life

Now You can Dramatically Improve Your Canine Companion’s Health, Longevity and Quality of Life!

Why My Dog Chase's Story is Important to YOUR Dog's Health and Longevity

Hi There! My name is Diana Laverdure-Dunetz (you may know me as the Pet Food Diva) and in January 2002 I adopted my beloved Chase, a German Shepherd mix, from our local shelter. Chase was a very sick boy when I brought him home. He had chronic diarrhea, his skin was dry and flaky and he had patches of fur falling out constantly. 

So, like any good dog mom, I took Chase to the vet, who prescribed ongoing steroids and antibiotics to help "manage" his symptoms. 

At this time, I was becoming more and more aware of the power of food and natural healing for myself, and I knew that a life of prescription drugs - with all of their potentially horrible side effects - was not the solution I wanted for my boy. But even though I knew what I didn't want to do for Chase, I wasn't sure what I should do. 

So, I started reading nearly every research book I could that was authored by veterinarians who believed in the power of nutrition. There wasn’t much information on nutrition for dogs back in the early 2000s, but I managed to dig up some good advice. Before long, and with tons of trial and error experiences (trust me, it was a real learning process!), I’d strung together a healthy nutritional plan for Chase. 

The results were astonishing.

Within a couple of months his turn-around was miraculous. His skin cleared up, his fur grew in full and lush and I was able cut his daily diarrhea meds down to only occasional use in case of a flare-up.

So why am I telling you this story? 

Because Chase is now a thriving 17-year-old “super senior” who hasn’t had to endure a medicated life full of shots and prescription pills. He is living his best life NATURALLY without the need for harmful drugs. Think about it: the average lifespan of a German Shepherd is 9 to 13 years, yet Chase is now 17 YEARS OLD!  

I’m not saying changing Chase’s diet and improving his health was an easy process, but if I was able to do it – with no support, no guidance and no real direction – I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO! 

How can I be so sure? Because after healing Chase, I set out to help other dog parents so they would never have to endure the fears, frustration and stress I went through as I struggled to find a way to heal my boy.  

I’m not saying changing Chase’s diet and improving his health was an easy process, but if I was able to do it – with no support, no guidance and no real direction – I know YOU CAN DO IT TOO! How can I be so sure? Because after healing Chase, I set out to help other dog parents so they would never have to endure the fears, frustration and stress I went through as I struggled to find a way to heal my boy.  

I even went back to school and earned a Masters in Animal Science degree so I could learn how to formulate custom diets for my canine clients.  

And, early on in my career, I was blessed to meet the amazing Dr. Jean Dodds, one of the world's foremost holistic veterinary leaders in animal health and nutrition.  

Together, Dr. Dodds and I have written two acclaimed books on canine health and nutrition, but we asked ourelves how we could do even more to help dog gaurdians optimize their best friends' health and longevity. And that's how we came up with the FIRST and ONLY 100% self-paced, online canine nutrition course PLUS ongoing interactive coaching program...  

Complete Canine Nutrition

What is Complete Canine Nutrition?

In a nutshell, Complete Canine Nutrition is a go-at-your-own-pace, science-based, 18-lesson online course and coaching program that takes you by the virtual hand and guides you through the ins and outs of canine nutrition so you can exercise your power to enhance your dog’s quality of life.  

What will I Get when I Enroll in the Course?

You get the information, tools and personal support you need to give your dog the best chance at avoiding chronic disease and living a long, healthy life, including...

INSTANT LIFETIME ACCESS to all 18 information-packed lessons, plus ALL bonuses. Start the course whenever you want and take it as many times as you want. It's yours FOREVER!

Exclusive Entry into Our Private Interactive Student Facebook Group and Members' Forum, where you will receive ONGOING SUPPORT from Dr. Dodds, Diana and your fellow students.

Q&A Coaching Calls with Dr. Dodds and Diana. ALL coaching calls are recorded and availabe in your Members' Library for download to listen to on the go and at your leisure!

Bonuses and Cheat Sheets that take the guess-work out of feeding your dog right. We even give you a tool that enables you to determine your dog's nutrient needs in a snap!

PDF Downloads of ALL lessons. Don't like to take notes? We've got you covered. With PDF downloads of all lessons, you'll have notes ready when you need them. Kiss note-taking goodbye.

Automatic Access to ALL Future Course Upgrades. As a member of Complete Canine Nutrition for life, all future course upgades will be automatically added to your Members' Libary.

What will I Learn in this Course?

The Complete Canine Nutrition course is designed to give you the information that you need to feed your dog for a life full of optimum health and vitality. Inside the course, you'll discover how to....

Use Foods Shown to Boost Health

Researchers have identified specific foods - called "functional foods" - that promote optimum health. You will learn to use functional foods to increase YOUR dog's health. 

Whip up RAW Food Recipes

Raw food recipes have specific components that can make or break their nutritional success. Here, you'll discover everything you need to know to create fresh, nutritious, balanced raw food recipes. 

Master Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates

Protein, fat and carbohydrates are the fuel that your dog runs on. You will learn to master them and know how much of each - and the best types - your dog needs to thrive.

Use Supplements Like a Pro

The biggest problem with most home-prepared recipes is that they lack proper supplementation. You'll learn precisely which supplements to use in your raw or cooked recipes and how much your dog needs.

Conquer Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential to healthy bodies. You will learn in-depth which ones your dog needs to functional optimally and the best food sources of each one.

Evaluate ANY Commercial Food

Let's face it; Most of us feed our dogs at least some commercial food. You'll learn to decipher dog food labels and make sure you don't get "tricked" by labeling strategies used by many pet food companies. 

Whip up COOKED Food Recipes

Want to cook nutritious, balanced recipes for your dog but aren't sure of the right ingedients and combinations? You'll learn to create healthy cooked recipes without the stress! 

And so Much More...

You will discover so much inside the course that we can't possibly list it all here! And, since the Complete Canine Nutition course is interactive, you have the benefit of asking us your own questions, too! 

Learn from the Dyamic Duo of Dog Nutrition

If you’re tired of enrolling in online courses where the “expert” gets your money and then leaves you to sift through a dizzying array of content all alone, then what we’re about to tell you next will surely have you jumping up and down with excitement … You get US – two of the leading globally recognized canine nutrition experts and the creators of Complete Canine Nutrition – "walking beside you" and guiding you along your journey to give your dog the longest, healthiest life possible. We demystify the course content and get you unstuck as you take the necessary steps to optimize your dog’s health.

Dr. Jean Dodds

W. Jean Dodds, DVM, received the D.V.M. degree with honors in 1964 from the Ontario Veterinary College, University of Toronto. After more than two decades working as a hematologist for animals and people, she moved in 1986 to Southern California to establish Hemopet, the first nonprofit national blood bank program for animals.  

Dr. Dodds is the recipient of numerous awards and honors and is an inventor on numerous patents including NutriScan, the first saliva-based food intolerance test for dogs, cats and horses.  

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS

Diana Laverdure-Dunetz, MS, holds a Masters in Animal Science and is an award-winning canine health writer and canine fresh food formulator. 

Through her consulting and formulation company, Pet Food Diva, Diana creates fresh food diets for ill dogs all over the world to help them reclaim optimum health. 

Diana's passion for helping dogs achieve vibrant, long lives began when she adopted Chase, the four-legged love of her life. 

Together, Dr. Dodds and Diana have authored two acclaimed books on canine health and nutrition.

The Canine Thyroid Epidemic was named the Best Care/Health Book of 2011 by the Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) and received the Eukanuba Canine Health Award the same year.

Canine Nutrigenomics was nominated for Best Care/Health Book of 2015 by the DWAA and debuted as the #1 Pet Food book on, where it remains a top seller.

Is Complete Canine Nutrition Right for You?

  • Are you a dog parent concerned about dumping commercial pet food in a bowl, not knowing if common pet food ingredients are damaging your dog’s short and long-term health? 

  • Are you an advocate of whole, natural foods who wants to feed your dog a fresh food diet but are concerned if you don't do it right you'll end up causing your best friend more harm than good?

  • Are you a pet store owner who wants to arm yourself with valuable canine nutrition insight that you can use to help your customers make smarter nutrition choices for their dogs?

  • Are you a trainer, breeder or someone who works in the dog care field and wants to advance your knowledge of canine nutrition so you can increase your value to your clients and their dogs?  

  • Are you a veterinarian or veterinary technician who wants to learn advanced nutrition concepts so you can give your patients extra special care?  

  • Are you a dog enthusiast who wants to have the knowledge to pick up any can or bag of dog food and scan ingredients, knowing the quality of nutrients, which nutrients are missing and which supplements will fill the nutritional gaps processed foods produce?


If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, you’re going to love Complete Canine Nutrition. But don't just take our word for it. Check out what other students are saying about the course....  

Praise for Complete Canine Nutrition

I Love this Course!

We run a doggy daycare that promotes healthy nutrition and lifestyles for dogs and have not found any other resource that is more complete and easy to understand for us and for our clients. 

Melanie Sora

This Course has Helped Me 10-Fold! 

I am a vet tech. I now feel like I can help clients choose things to optimize their dogs’ health with all the added education from this nutrition course. 

Kelly Hechiger

Sound & Science-Based!

I have owned a health food store for dogs and cats for the past 15 years. I help a lot of dogs get off the Rx diets that aren't necessarily helping and this course's immense wealth of information will help me make sound, science-based recommendations. 

Tracy Warner

I Love how Everyone is on Board!

Dr. Dodds and Diana want success for all of their clients and do the work it takes to get our animals the help they need to have a good life. 

Gina Oleykowski 

Activate the Power You have to Give YOUR Dog a Long, Healthy and Happy Life

Canine chronic diseases are on the rise, with more incidences of just about every chronic disease, including:  

  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease  

But the good news is that you have the power to prevent your canine companions from succumbing to chronic illnesses like cancer.  

90% to 95% of cancers are caused by environmental and lifestyle choices like nutrition. 

That means YOU have much more control over your dog’s health than you ever imagined.  

And, this is great news, because we know you want to spend as many QUALITY years as possible with your four-legged kid. Inside Complete Canine Nutrition, you’ll get highly practical, easy-to-apply canine nutrition guidance from a world-renowned holistic veterinarian AND a global dog food formulator so you can finally make smarter, well-informed decisions about your dog’s health.  

Complete Canine Nutrition is packed full of highly practical trainings, bonuses and supplement, PLUS ongoing support so you can discover how to help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life!  

How Much is it to Invest in My Dog's Health Today?

You may wonder whether you should "take the plunge" and invest in Complete Canine Nutrition, but investing in your dog's health now will end up saving you a lot of money the long run. 

In fact, investing a small amount in your dog's health now will save you hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars you would spend investing in your dog's sickness down the road. You may even have already spent a lot of money on medications and veterinary bills....

The cost of Complete Canine Nutrition is extremely low when compared to the information and resources we’ve packed inside and the amount of money you’ve likely already spent on vet bills, medications, treatments and processed commercial dog food that’s likely weakening your dog’s immune system. And as your canine companion ages or if their health declines, those costs will rise significantly.  

We don’t want you to have to empty your wallet to improve your dog’s quality of life, so we packed in the value and set the investment for Complete Canine Nutrition at an incredibly low enrollment price of only 1 payment of $297 or 3 payments of $115.

You Get a 100% Risk-Free Guarantee 

We're so confident that you'll love this course that we’re offering a 30-day money back guarantee

If, after 30 days, you’re not 100% satisfied with the program, just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. 

Start YOUR Dog on the Road to a Long, Healthy, Happy Life Today!

Just CLICK ON YOUR PREFERRED ENROLLMENT OPTION BELOW and you'll be instantly on your way to giving your canine kid the gift of the longest, healthiest life possible....

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

  • I’m confused by all the do's and don’ts of a nutritious, balanced diet for my dog. Will this course help me figure out the best meals to feed my dog? With all the books and information available on the Internet, choosing your canine companion’s nutrition can be overwhelming. We created this course to eliminate your confusion. Once you enroll, you’ll get instant access to all 18 lessons, plus all bonuses AND ongoing support in the private Facebook group, Members' Forum and on our coaching calls. All of this is designed to take the guesswork out of feeding your dog for optimum health and longevity, including how to create your own cooked or raw meal plans and even how to select the healthiest commercial food options.

  • When does the course start? We designed the Complete Canine Nutrition course with your active lifestyle in mind, so it has no specific start or end date. Once you enroll, the course is yours forever, so you can start whenever your schedule allows. And the best part is, you can complete each lesson at your own pace and revisit the lessons as many times as you want.

  • Is this course going to take tons of time out of my day/week/month/life? Complete Canine Nutrition is a self-paced course that gives you the flexibility to start and complete each lesson when it’s most convenient for you. We suggest you commit to 1 hour per week to modify your dog’s diet. By dedicating just 1 hour a week to making positive nutritional changes, you can create a significant shift in your dog’s health. 

  • How long on average will it take for me to see results with my dog’s health? Results vary depending upon your dog’s current state of health and your progress in completing the course content. If your dog suffers from serious chronic illness already, it will take longer to balance his/her diet and system. We find that on average, with the right dietary changes, our clients begin to notice results within 60 - 90 days. 

  • Why should I enroll today instead of waiting? It’s time for you to take action for your beloved four-legged companion. Here’s the thing: If you really want to help your dog live a long, happy and healthy life, you need somewhere to get the RIGHT answers to all your questions. You need community, support and most of all ... accountability. Complete Canine Nutrition is the place to get it. 


  • What happens if I decide I want a refund? If you enroll in the course and decide you want a refund, you’ll be able to do so with no strings attached. If within 30 days of your purchase you are unhappy for whatever reason, simply email us and we’ll provide you with a full and prompt refund. 

  • Can I get certified for taking is course? We can provide you with a Certficate of Attendance when you have been enrolled the coure for longer than 30 days.

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